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 House Call Grooming Services

Why Groom Cats? 

The age-old myth is that cats groom themselves, yet many cats suffer from unkempt coats, overgrown toenails, matted fur, excessive shedding, unpleasant odors, and heaps of dandruff. For these cats, simply licking their own fur is not sufficient to keep themselves clean and comfortable. These cats require thorough bathing, blow-drying, combing, nail trims, and possibly hair cuts to ensure they look and feel their best. 

Cats are like dogs in that they often require regular, professional grooming. They differ from dogs, however, in that they require unique handling and grooming techniques for effective results and reduced stress. Our Certified Feline Master Groomer is a graduate from the only grooming school dedicated solely to cats, the National Cat Grooming School in Greenville, SC. Her specialized education and extensive experience working with cats has given her the skills necessary to meet your cat's grooming needs safely and effectively. 

But Cats Hate Water. 

Yet another common myth is that cats hate water and therefore should not be bathed. This could not be further from the truth! While there exists a small minority of cats who are not fond of receiving a bath, most cats willingly accept and enjoy a warm, cleansing bath. The warmth of the water encourages shedding undercoat to release from the coat, and a thorough lather with professional shampoo removes oil and dirt build-up from the coat. Only in rare, extreme cases should a cat not receive a bath as part of its groom. 

After bathing, a high velocity dryer is used to further remove undercoat. This is an essential step in the grooming process as cat fur can pelt if left wet. Not only that, but a wet coat decreases body temperature, which is uncomfortable for any cat but can be harmful to an older or debilitated cat. The dryer also provides the additional benefit of allowing any matts or tangles to be easily spotted for removal. 

Once dry, the coat is combed and de-shedded while the hair follicles remain relaxed from the warmth of the dryer and the bath. Think of warm hair follicles as the opposite of goose bumps. Instead of tightly clamping the hair, the follicle loosens to release undercoat, making the de-shed treatment more effective than if it were done without a bath and blow-dry. 

If the hair is trimmed prior to bathing, it will be neatened and tidied once the coat is clean and dry.