Cats Only, LLC

 House Call Grooming Services

About Us

Cats Only, LLC provides high quality feline-exclusive house-call grooming services in the Birmingham area. We are devoted to providing the safest and most thorough grooming services for your felines without the stress of leaving home!

Our Groomer

Our groomer, Kelcie Brown, is the only Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) in central Alabama. She graduated from the National Cat Groomers School in February of 2011, the only school in the world devoted exclusively to cat grooming. There, she certified in pet first aid and CPR in addition to completing 4 written and 5 practical examinations to earn her CFMG title. She remains a member in good standing with the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc

Since graduating, she has groomed cats for A. B. Grooming & Spa Services in Childersburg. For over 2 years, she worked and groomed for Cat Haven Veterinary Clinic, furthering her experience handling and grooming cats. She is now happy to offer house call services to meet all your feline's grooming needs! 

About House Call

Our house call appointments mean our groomer brings her services to you and takes that excess hair with her! While the exact setup varies between individuals, typically, a small area with a sink or tub (such as a bathroom) is utilized for grooming. Don't have a detachable sprayer or think your bathroom is too small? Not to worry! We have a variety of equipment available to accommodate nearly any household. Call or email us to discuss whatever concerns you may have. 

House call services offer several advantages over traditional salon grooming, including: 

  • The comfort of being groomed in a familiar location. Most cats are more comfortable in their own home than they are in even the nicest, quietest of grooming salons or veterinary clinics. A strange place with strange sights, smells, and sounds can be overwhelming for some kitties.

  • The convenience of omitting transport. For some cats, being placed in a carrier and riding in the car can be a stressful experience. Remove that stress and save yourself the hassle of loading and driving your cat to the groomer with a house call appointment.

  • The safety of reducing exposure to feline illnesses. Cats with compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable to contracting illnesses spread by other cats. While care is taken in grooming salons and veterinary clinics to minimize such exposures, the most effective way to reduce this exposure is to limit trips out of the house. House call grooming meets your cat's grooming needs while doing just that! This is equally true for cats that may be FIV or leukemia positive that might otherwise be refused grooming services - there is no worry of exposing their illnesses to other cats. 

  • Vaccinations, though recommended, are not required. Because your cat will not be coming in contact with felines that are not part of its normal routine, we do not require that your cat be up-to-date with any particular vaccination schedule. There is no pressure or requirement to maintain any vaccination schedule other than what you choose.