Cats Only, LLC

 House Call Grooming Services


Appointments are available in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Note that because many of our clients pre-book on a regular grooming schedule, we often may not have an availability for several weeks. The farther in advance you call for an appointment, the better we will be able to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Depending on your location, we may be able to offer services farther from the Birmingham area for an additional travel fee. 

On Sundays, our groomer offers salon (at A. B. Grooming & Spa) services in Childersburg, AL. If you are near the Childersburg area (Sylacauga, Harpersville, Chelsea, etc), we may be able to offer house call services on some Sundays without an additional travel fee. Contact us for more information. 

What To Expect

Appointment Scheduling

Appointments are scheduled at explicit times with the understanding that our groomer may arrive within a 15 minute window of that time. We value the importance of punctuality, and owners who require a more exact time are encouraged to schedule early morning appointments so that we can better suit your needs. 

Before Your Appointment

We encourage new clients to print, read, and complete our client information form, policy agreement, and release form that can all be downloaded here. Multi-cat households can find an additional cat information form here. Call or email us with questions or concerns - or ask us at the beginning of your appointment. For liability purposes, we are not able to offer grooming services unless these forms have been completed, signed, and initialed where applicable. That said, we do not want anyone to sign or agree to anything they do not understand or do not feel comfortable agreeing to. House call services are not suited for everyone. 

Set Up

Because every cat, owner, and home are all different, each grooming experience is unique. For some, we may perform majority of the grooming services in a small, enclosed area such as a bathroom. For cats that will allow a more open grooming experience so that owners can comfortably watch, we may spend more time working in the kitchen. At the beginning of the appointment, we will assess your cat's temperament and grooming needs to work with you to decide what groom is best and where the groom will take place. We carry a variety of equipment so that we can accommodate nearly any household. Contact us today if you have any concerns about setting up to groom. 

Clean Up

We bring our equipment to you and strive to take all the hair with us. We like for our clients to be aware that we do our best to clean up any mess created during our visit, but if you inspect closely enough, you will likely find evidence of our visit. As many cat owners know, cat hair can be troublesome at times! 


After your groom, you can expect to live with a cleaner, happier cat. These results are not permanent, though, so prebook your next appointment to stay ahead of the hair!