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Our trip to the Birmingham CFA Cat Show

Posted on February 2, 2015 at 9:35 AM

We were happy to participate in the Birmingham Feline Fanciers' 43th annual CFA cat show this weekend at the Zamora Temple in Irondale! Our lovely client, Hepburn, came all the way from Louisiana to be our mascot at the booth to help demonstrate the difference a groom makes. Of course, that was only when he wasn't in the ring for Household Pets. With so many entries, though, Hepburn faced a lot of competition! Several of the kitties in the Household Pets class were also available for adoption from local rescues (such as MommaKat Rescue and Save Our Strays). The show offered such great exposure for those kitties that many of them found their forever homes before the weekend ended. 

In addition to the lovely household pets, the show featured countless CFA purebred cats - from more common breeds such as Maine Coons and Siamese to the newly established Burmilla to the more rare Norwegian Forest Cat. From the fluffy Persians to naked Sphynx, there was something for everyone! Not only were these breeds showcased, but many of their breeders and owners were more than happy to answer questions and offer insights and education into their breeds. Did you know that Tonkinese come in four colors - Champagne, Platinum, Natural, and Blue? Of those four colors, they may appear in a pointed pattern, mink pattern, or solid pattern! Or that Cornish Rexes are very people-oriented, active cats who often like to play fetch and chase toys, despite their fragile appearance? Each breed has unique physical characteristics and personality traits that mean no two are the same, and the show was a wonderful place for cat enthusiasts to learn more about these fascinating animals. 

We were happy to meet new people and new cats at the show, and hope to see you there next year! 

Our view from the show hall:


Hepburn worked hard looking handsome in his "Stars of the Silver Screen" themed kennel at our booth. 

When he wasn't at the booth, he was in the ring! 

Rodeo's handsome coat and playful personality would go on to win him first place overall in the Household Pets! Congratulations to Rodeo! 

Q-Tip's silly antics won the hearts of everyone in the audience and won him the best prize of the weekend - a new home! 

In between rings, we visited several purebred kitties, including this handsome young Ocicat male.

...and this gorgeous odd-eyed Cornish Rex kitten:

Other breeds we saw included this stunning American Shorthair:

This sweet Devon Rex: 

This laid-back Maine Coon

And this teeny tiny Burmese! 

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Reply Rachel
3:24 PM on February 5, 2015 
I am a bit biased, but that Hepburn is one handsome (and beautifully groomed) fella. And, of course, the most beautiful pure bred kitty anywhere is Moe, the American Shorthair!! 😄😄