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IEK's transformation

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 3:50 PM

Meet IEK. 

IEK (pronounced "Ike") stands for "Into Everything Kat," a name he comes by honestly. I first met IEK in September of 2011 when he came to me for a groom. I'll never forget the terrified look he gave me that day or how panicked he was during his groom. We worked slowly and gently, and although we survived the groom, it was nerve-wrecking for us both. 

Since that first groom, IEK and his sisters have been groomed on a 6-week schedule. For the first few visits, IEK was still terrified to receive his groom, but he began making progress as we began to establish a routine together. It's one of many benefits of a regular grooming schedule. Establishing a routine taught IEK that nothing bad was going to happen to him during his groom. This was nervous IEK... 

...and this IEK now. 

He's become quite fond of rolling around on the floor. 

Of all the cats I've groomed over the years, IEK deserves the gold star for "most improved," but nearly every cat benefits from being groomed on a regular schedule - often enough to become familiar with the process. Being shaved once a year or bathed every six months can actually make the process more stressful for timid cats such as IEK. Now his groom is merely part of life. He may not look forward to it, but he certainly doesn't fear it... not anymore! 

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