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What is a Comb Cut?

Posted on February 25, 2015 at 2:50 PM

A comb cut is a type of groom that is similar to a lion cut but the coat is left longer. Think of it as turning a longhaired cat into a shorthaired cat. The body is clipped down short but not shaved naked.

A comb cut is a great alternative for cats that may not be good candidates to receive a lion cut. For example, Sophie here is very painful in her back legs, and in order to keep from cutting her with the clippers during a lion cut, I must stretch those legs and be sure her skin is pulled taut, which causes her great discomfort.

With a comb cut, however, a comb attachment keeps the blade from coming into direct contact with the skin so I don’t have to be as meticulous about stretching and extending her leg in order to prevent cuts and nicks. This keeps her more comfortable during the grooming process, teaching her that it is nothing to fear, while reducing the amount of hair that has to be kept maintained.

Additionally, a comb cut can be a great alternative to a lion cut for cats that go outside. Unless there are medical reasons or severe pelting, I will not perform a lion cut for cats that spend time outside. Without their coat, their skin is exposed to the elements and at risk of sunburn. Because cats have a thinner epidermal layer than humans, they have a higher likelihood of developing skin cancer from sunburn. A comb cut allows these cats to have their hair cut shorter while leaving enough hair to offer protection for their skin.

One minor, cosmetic disadvantage to a comb cut is the resulting “choppiness” of the trim that can be seen in the picture above. The texture of cat hair makes it practically impossible to have a smooth finish on a longer trim, and unlike dogs, cats cannot receive a scissor finish to their groom, since using shears on a cat would be both unsafe and impractical. Fortunately, this choppiness becomes less noticeable as the hair grows back. Within 1-2 weeks, the trim typically begins to look more plush and full. Here is Sophie 2 weeks after receiving her comb cut.

Regardless of appearance, it allows her hair to be cut without the stress and discomfort of a lion cut. Keep in mind that there are multiple grooming options available to cats, and be sure to contact us for help deciding what will work best for you and your cat! 

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